International Journalism Week in Sheffield

This week I had the pleasure of visiting the University of Sheffield, to participate sheffield-universityin the International Journalism Week. It was my third visit to the department of journalism studies in Sheffield. Once again I was impressed by this huge university, with 27.000 students and more than 5.000 staff members. Sheffield University is rated among the 100 most excellent universities in the world, and among the top 10 percent of all UK universities.The department of journalism studies is top ranked in UK. 

Volda University College has developed a close relationship with Sheffield. We have had incoming international students from Sheffield, and we have had outgoing Norwegian students who want to spend a semester or more in Sheffield. At least four staff members from the journalism department in Sheffield have visited Volda.

This was the third time I was invited to speak at the International Journalism Week in Sheffield. This year, the event was devoted to «The value of freedom of expression» as an overarching theme. My contribution was the lecture «When two rights collide. On Privacy and Freedom of Speech». I got a strong feeling that my reflections were well received – cf. the tweets below – and we had a good session with questions at the end.

I am grateful to the staff in Sheffield for the invitation, not least to Lada T. Price who organized the event; to the Erasmus program for the travel money, and to the students in Sheffield who made this a really pleasant experience.




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